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Bolivar, Missouri




How long should I wait here? He worked day and night in the interest of his firm. I was completely in love with him. Can we stop wasting time? Eliot can't deny it anymore. It might not be that easy. On hearing the noise, my brother started to cry. Talk to him again. What do tigers eat?

I don't ever want to talk about it. I haven't heard this in a while! Tony likes vanilla ice cream. I adore your comments. What do you want us to do? This guy's tough. Did somebody mention my name?

Duane will run the company. I'm getting on the bus. You're our neighbor. I felt like crying when I heard the news. Price slept on the floor. You've been robbed.

The shoemaker said the shoes were too old to repair. You'll be forever mine. Everyone pointed at him.

You're so pretty. Ross doesn't know where I went.

Does anybody remember why we decided to do this? Murder is a monstrous act. Brett wished he had remembered to buy flowers for Lorien. The truck nearly ran me over. I'll keep my promise.

Lois did it for his children. You should get your money from Michel now. He is really dull to hardship. I cannot draw a car. It's too difficult.

I own a house in Boston. Please feed the dog. I am hungry Guess what I was thinking.

It's amazingly simple. Lisa said he didn't have anything to say. That wasn't very good. We had so many good times together. June crossed his fingers and made a wish. I wonder if the first week or so of July is too early to go to the beach. Yes, I'm a student too. Some believe that the number seven is lucky. We have families we have to take care of.

This scarf feels soft and smooth. I avoid those things like the plague!

I can not go, nor do I want to. Something is different. I'm going to give it one more try. He is envious of my good fortune. It's the third of October. Invaluable jewels disappeared from the museum. I was anxious to read your letter from Paris. Albert noticed that his hands weren't clean. You're making that up, aren't you?

Andy has to make sure he doesn't make any more stupid mistakes. I'm not that lucky. What does she think about the conference results? Times are tough everywhere. In a time-bound society time is seen as linear- in other words as a straight line extending from the past, through the present, to the future. I paid nothing. Would you like to see my new trombone? The motorbike struck the telephone pole.

His business resulted in heavy losses. No sooner had Jingbai turned on the TV than the fuse blew. One cup of coffee commits one to forty years of friendship. I don't like lying to him. It is no less than ten miles to the hospital. The player performed a wonderful feat. It is silly of me to have made the same mistake twice. Please sing a song.

He turned round from side to side to look at himself in the mirror. I heard the phone ring.

It's been three years since Kate moved to Boston. He organized the university's butterfly collection so meticulously that it is now fully machine-searchable. Why does Samuel want to kill you?