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Though I had never met Jim, I could pick him out right away. How do you do this? Martha was the one who suggested that we do this. I'm sorry I forgot to wake you up. Do you know where Lesser Britain is? What are "kulasy"? It's an old word, it means "legs". I think it comes from the word meaning a person who can't walk: "lame".

You just watch. Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times. Are you going to help us or not? I want you to write your phone number and address on this piece of paper.

Claire ought to have arrived in Boston by now. Stefan carved a pipe for Jean-Pierre, but she doesn't smoke. They made crude jokes. Heather nodded his head a few times. Give me thirty seconds. That's even better. Only you can make me happy. I'm the only Brazilian who can't speak Portuguese and dance samba. I have chosen you! I'm very good at it.

Sonja is leaving Boston tomorrow. I'm afraid this boat will sink if we take more than seven people. I don't love you any more; I'm sad. I did everything I could to win this prize. Is anyone here? Once we start reading a book, we should read it all the way through. I have a meeting in fifteen minutes.

Yes, I'm coming immediately. Seth works with mentally handicapped adults. He's ready now. Now that you are eighteen, you can get a driver's license. I should've just given Shuvra what he wanted. He was educated at a public school. He can't have made such an obvious mistake; it's unthinkable! Why did Alexis leave?

My house is in the northern part of the city. It might work. Let's continue working together to make that happen. Let me ask you another question. It takes a lot of time getting used to married life. I can't remember how to say "thank you" in French. I'll be your guide. I'm not counting you. Johnathan is pretty unhappy, isn't he? Bea got out of the car, but Lawrence remained behind the wheel.

Was I making too much noise? What was that supposed to mean? He is standing on the stage.

It hurts terribly. The company has growing pains now.

I can't believe that someone who's supposed to be my friend would say things like that about me. Magnus works in a factory. I skipped English class this afternoon. Cathryn finally stopped.

Every vote counts in an election. The spider is dead. I think I know why Werner wasn't at school yesterday. Val's doctor told him to give up smoking. I know what you were thinking. I pretended that I didn't know what was happening. He's married and has three children. I like him a lot, but sometimes he gets on my nerves. This is never going to happen. Today I haven't dealt with the things I wanted to deal with; I'll have to work overtime again.

It must have rained during the night; the road is wet. Sehyo was trapped. Wilson looks a little skeptical. I want you to leave right away. The most real of all splendors are not in outward things, they are within us.

I've always had a fear of flying. Maybe I should go help her. After reading Robin's forum post, Takeuchi resisted the impulse to post a crude reply. Interlingua is a modern tool for international communication. Has anybody spoken with them?

Numbers that can be expressed as fractions of two whole numbers are called rational numbers. We managed to get it back without her knowing. The tiger growled loudly!

You must be very careful with this. I've turned over a new leaf. Jacob's blood type is O+. The first drive-thru restaurant was created in 1947.

You must gain Rajiv's trust first. The scene made my stomach turn. I'll treat this play simply as a tragedy. Jacob's yacht is one of the largest yachts I've ever seen. I told Moore what needed to be done. Jamie is about thirty now.

Did Mason get the briefcase? Where's the boss? It nearly cost her her life. I need colored pencils. I like cold milk, but not hot milk. The white membrane and the smell that develops bothers me. I accept your apologies. I can't see them. Where has the time gone? One person was critically injured.

I haven't said anything. Don't accuse others for your own failure. Will you go, too? If he had been honest, I would have employed him. Next Friday, I'm going on a date with a girl named Elliot. Rathnakumar did nothing but lie in bed all day. We're deeply sorry for the inappropriate remark earlier. I don't know what else my band wants me to put in this bio, so I'm going to make a questionnaire for all those reading to fill out and send to us.

What did you tell her about me? We can't let our guard down yet. That's a good thing. We have to find out what's going on. You should get a job. I'm self-employed. He's financially dependent on his wife.